The Winner Of FFI 2008

FFI is Indonesian Film Festival held every year. This year FFI is held in Bandung West Java
Here are the winner FFI 2008.

Host : Andhika Pratama & Cathy Sharon

The Best Short Film
Cheng Cheng Po
The Best Documenter Film
The Conductors
The Best Music
Zheke Kaselii (Fiksi)
The Best Sound Operation
Satrio Budiono (May)
The Best Camera Shooting
Yoga Krispatama (Claudia/Jasmine)
The Best Artistic
Budi Riyanto (Under the Tree)
The Best Sinematograpy
Ical F.Tanjung (May)
The Best Screen Play
Joko Anwar & Mouly Surya (Fiksi)
The Best Female Support Artist
Aryani Kriegenburg Willems (Under the Tree)
The Best Male Support Artist
Yoga Pratama (3 Doa 3 Cinta)
The Best Actrees
Fahrani (Radit & Jani)
The Best Actors
Vino. G Subastian
(Radit & Jani)
The Best Director
Mouly Surya (Fiksi)
The Best Film 2008
Fiksi (Pt. Surya Indrantara)

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