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Quickly rising to stardom, the Jonas Brothers have become a household name, especially with pre-teens and teenage girls. The Jonas Brothers are made up of three brothers with a fourth brother who is decidedly ready to join the band. Born and raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey they became an almost overnight sensation when Nick Jonas was a solo act.

The oldest of the group is Paul Kevin Jonas. Born November 5, 1987 Kevin as he prefers to be called is not just the lead guitar player, he also helped produced their self titled CD. He taught himself how to play the guitar while he was home sick from school. The second oldest is Joseph Adam Jonas, also known as Joe. Joe was born on August 15, 1989 and does lead vocals, percussion and guitar for the group. Joe initially never even wanted to become a singer. In fact, he had dreams of being a comedian and work on television.

Then you have Nicholas Jerry Jonas, also known as Nick. Born September 16, 1992, Nick is the youngest in the band and is the one that initially got The Jonas Brothers signed to a record deal. Finally you have Franklin Nathaniel Jonas, known as Frankie. Frankie is the youngest of the brothers but not quite in the band yet. At only age 8 he is actually going to debut with his brothers on the TV series J.O.N.A.S soon and may be featured in Camp Rock 2.

The Jonas Brothers band has seen huge success in their relatively short lives. It all started when Nick was only six years old, although the parents of the group are both musicians so there was a lot of sing-a-longs around the house. While at a barber shop, Nick was discovered while he was singing in the chair and was referred to a woman’s business manager that came into the shop. It was soon after at the age of 7 that he started on Broadway in several different plays including “Annie Get Your Gun” as little Jake, “Beauty and the Beast” as Chip, and “A Christmas Carol” as Tiny Tim. Music was Nick’s passion and even though he was acting he decided to write his own song which was featured on the Broadway album for “Equity Fights AIDS.” The song called “Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer) was released on a Christian radio station and met with immediate success.

Shortly after Nick’s song was put onto the radio, Joe decided that he too wanted to act on Broadway. He appeared in the production of “La Boehme” but also had a passion for singing and playing the guitar. A few years later, Columbia Records heard of Nick’s song and signed him. Included in the deal were his brothers Kevin and Joe, but not as singers. They had in fact written several songs for the album “Nicholas Jonas” which unfortunately was pushed back and only given a limited release. In 2005 the president of Columbia heard the album and although he didn’t like it at all, he decided that he did like Nick’s voice enough to keep him around. Instead of keeping him by himself he thought the three as a group act would garner more attention. So, together with Daylight, Columbia Records signed them on for at least one album practically on the spot when he heard them all sing together.

Their vocal chemistry is undeniable but the fact that they are all extremely musically inclined as well as actors makes them unstoppable when it comes to show business. They have been collaborating for many years and because they get along so well it was only natural that they started to work together on various different projects. After signed to Columbia they went on tour opening up for many famous musical acts. They produced an album called “It’s About Time.” It was marketed mainly for teenage television shows and was featured on Nickelodeon. Because of a large amount of politics with Columbia Records who merged at some point with Sony Records, Sony who weren’t particularly interested in The Jonas Brothers as a group decided to drop them in early 2007.

Quickly signing on with Hollywood Records, the brothers started appearing in commercials together and singing jingles for various TV shows and commercials. Suddenly the teen scene was catching on and their music was very much in demand. They even were asked to sing at the White House during the Easter Egg Roll. Shortly thereafter they released their second album “Jonas Brothers” which reached number 5 on the charts. From there it has all been uphill. They have now released a third album “A Little Bit Longer,” filmed the mega hit “Camp Rock” for Disney, and have done numerous other projects including original reality shows following their lives. A project in the works is “J.O.N.A.S.” which is set to release in early 2009. It is a TV series that is sure to be a huge hit.

This group is extremely busy writing music, touring, singing for various TV shows and so much more. But the fact remains that they still are down to earth boys who believe firmly that family comes first. They may be relatively young, but they certainly have their act together.
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