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The many adventures of 007 have created one of the longest running action series on the big screen. The cunning and charming James Bond has graced the screen 22 times and has yet to disappoint an audience. Quantum of Solace is the latest addition to the series and the second Bond film for the sixth man to play the role, Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, The Golden Compass).
Quantum of Solace joins Bond after the events of Casino Royale. Vesper, the first woman Bond actually loved, is dead thanks to a mysterious and ever present organization known as Quantum, which has given him a great deal of motivation to try and take it down. A brief bit of interrogation and some computer work courtesy of MI6 points Bond in the direction of Dominic Greene, head of a faux environmental group called Greene Planet. Greene and Quantum are moving national powers around for something big that has everyone guessing, incorrectly at that.

During his investigation of Greene, Bond meets Camille (Olga Kurylenko, Max Payne, Hitman) a woman using Greene for his connections to the man who killed her family. Unfortunately, Greene and his connections aren’t the only things the two have to worry about. Bond’s more aggressive attitude has MI6 doubting his ability and loyalties, causing a stop on his credentials and an order to bring him in as soon as possible.

As far as Bond movies go, this is…another one. That’s not the say the movie isn’t good. The action sequences are true to Bond form and the acting is flawless. 007 has not lost his touch. This film just does not seem to add anything new to the series as a whole. If anything, the movie takes some things away (which some people may see as adding something new). The spy gadgets are gone, with the exception of a business card tracking device, so all you techies out there will have to get your fix from the touch screen moments at MI6.

This film also lacked the essential Bond Girl. There were girls present with Bond, but I would not classify them as Bond Girls. Their roles do not carry throughout the film, forcing their entry and exit to take place in one block of time. Not only that, but gone are the days of the supporting female with a name rife with innuendo. At least for now.

Casino Royale began a reimagining of the Bond universe that is continued in Quantum of Solace. Some die hard fans of the series may not be happy with the missing pieces in this film, but in terms of action and excitement, Bond delivers. This story line is far from over, so if you want to keep up on the world of Bond, or are just looking for an action movie to get your heart racing, Quantum of Solace is worth watching.

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